Weight Loss 
​is easier with hypnosis
Here is an effective program to help you become healthier and slimmer.
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Diets don't work. Changing your approach to eating does. Using powerful hypnosis you can easily change behaviours without restrictive diets.

Combining the Virtual Gastric Band procedure with Empowering Hypnotherapy that helps you feel more in control and motivated to change, will help you shed your excess weight without restrictive dieting. 

The Virtual Gastric Banding Plus program:
  • Five hypnosis and counselling sessions
  • Three recordings to use at home

Virtual Gastric Banding Plus program
Using the extremely effective Virtual Gastric Banding process, PLUS a targeted hypnotherapy program that will change the way you feel about eating, I will help you to easily and comfortably lose your excess weight.
No need for special diets. This program is fast and effective, and so very easy. 
Using powerful hypnotherapeutic techniques, your unconscious mind will accept the suggestion that you have actually undergone gastric band surgery.  From then on you will notice a marked reduction in how much you want or need to eat.

Simple, painless and effective.

In addition, each week you will be supported with a personalised hypnotherapy session to boost your motivation and confidence.

Hypnotherapy also helps you to overcome emotional blocks to your progress. You will feel more empowered and in control and feel a new sense of your own ability to achieve your weight goals.

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Save $50 on a 6 Session Program - $850​ if paid in advance.

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Things my clients say to me about using hypnosis for weight loss:*
  • "This stuff works!"
  • "I can't believe how easy it has been."
  • "I just don't think about eating rubbish any more."
  • "I can drive past the fast food outlets without a second thought."
  • "I don't want to eat the cakes at work any more. It's so easy to say no."
  • "I don't feel like I'm missing out, I'm just eating good healthy food and loving it."
  • "I feel like getting back into exercise again."
  • "I'm not so tired and cranky all the time."
  • "Thank you!"
Each person has individual needs so results may vary from person to person. 

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