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Change in Mind 

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Single Session 1 Hour


A one-hour session is best if your issues are straightforward.   I will chat with you and get to know your needs. This includes a 1/2 hour hypnosis session. Note though, I will very rarely see a client just once. I usually see clients a minimum of 3 times. 

$230 - $300

Extended Sessions -
1.5 or 2 Hour

The longer session is advisable if your issues are complex and will take time to discuss. This then allows time for a hypnosis session as well as counselling. It is also preferred for your first session. 
TRTP program is $990 and sessions are usually 1.5 to 2 hours each.
Payment plans can be negotiated. 

Save When You Buy a Program 

$360 - $925

This is the most cost effective way to book sessions as you save between $30 and $100 overall
Most clients require between three and six sessions to achieve their goals. The Quit Smoking program is a minimum of 2 sessions and Weight Loss is usually a minimum of 6 sessions over 2 months. 
Call me 0409 803 696 to determine the best way forward for you. Or complete the contact form and I will call you to discuss your individual needs. 
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Payment Plan Available

Hypnotherapy is not supported by Medicare and Mental Health Plans can't be used.
If you would find it difficult to afford treatment a payment plan can be negotiated.
Call me on 0409 803 696 to discuss your needs.