Using the wonderfully empowering HypnoBirthing® program, I take individual clients through a series of sessions to help them achieve a calm, positive and gentle birth.
HypnoBirthing® is a philosophy as much as an education for positive, calm and joyful births. The goal of the program is to build positive expectancy through a shift in mental attitudes, dispelling myths about birth. Your uterine muscles are specialised beautiful, birthing muscles that work naturally when unencumbered by fear.  Birth is a normal, natural physiological function of the female body.  Birth is about love and about families.

​Hypnosis is all about positive expectancy. Throughout this program you will learn how to reverse the negative expectancy that we are conditioned to and be prepared to accept the birthing experience as a positive, joyful and fulfilling experience. Essentially we want to de-hypnotise you, to change any negative expectancy to a positive one, via a deep shift in thinking.

The HypnoBirthing® program will demonstrate the power of the mind and how thoughts create a psycho-physiological response. For every thought there is a corresponding emotion.  If we think of pain we generate a fear response.  When we are afraid, the body responds with the heightened arousal of the flight-flight response where oxygen and blood-flow are drawn away from non-essential bodily process to allow more for the cardio and respiratory systems. When muscles are deprived of oxygen they become stiffer and therefore usage is more painful.  Most people have been conditioned to expect a painful, difficult time during childbirth so are conditioned to generate the fight–flight response.  The more fearful we are, the greater the intensity of the response.  Through HypnoBirthing® we aim to de-condition you.

From the first session you will learn how to mentally and physically relax: to take your mind and body into a blissful realm that will leave you feeling energised and confident in your own ability to birth your baby; naturally, calmly and safely.


The Mongan Method

The HypnoBirthing® program was devised by clinical hypnotherapist, Marie Mongan, who fought to be allowed to birth her babies naturally in the 1950s and 1960s.  She incorporated the philosophies of both Die and Dick-Reid  and teaches that childbirth is

“ A normal physiological process does not need assistance.  It needs only the patience of birth attendants to resist the temptation to disturb its rhythm and flow in the absence of special circumstances”.

The Mongan Method is now widely used internationally and there is much evidence of its benefits in terms of the health and well-being of both mother and child.  Where HypnoBirthing® is accepted and practised, there are fewer incidences of medical interventions than occur in ‘normal’ birthing practices. 

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