Exam Anxiety​

Relieve Exam Anxiety

Turn your exam anxiety into positive energy and improve your performance. 

It is normal to feel some anxiety before exams, in fact, a little anxiety can be a good thing. But, if anxiety is getting in the way of your success then I can help you to overcome it.​​

Using calming and empowering techniques I will help you remain calm as you prepare for your exams so that your learning is more focussed. You will also feel much calmer as you complete your exams so your performance will be better.  

Using positive visualisations I will help you change the way you think about exams and help you to focus on what you can do, rather than what you can't. You will approach your exams with a renewed sense of confidence.

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Hypnotherapy is quick, safe and effective, and ideal for helping you develop easy strategies to manage anxiety so that you are free to succeed as you should.

​I am an experienced counsellor and teacher. I can help you. 

In just one hour, you will feel more in control and calmer than you would have thought possible*

*Each client is an individual and results may vary for each client.  
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