Every new day gives you an opportunity
to change and break free of the ties
that have bound you in the past
Change in Mind
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Counselling & Hypnotherapy
for Health, Wellbeing and
Personal Growth
​Phone: 0409 803 696
Hypnotherapy & Counselling 
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I have helped many clients to create powerful change in their lives.  I can help you to:​​
  • Relieve Anxiety and related disorders
  • Get rid of baggage from the past
  • Quit damaging habits
  • Lose Weight
  • Improve your general health - physical and mental
  • Improve your personal or work relationships
  • Manage anger

​Ph: 0409 803 696

I can call you to discuss your individual needs and together we can plan the best way to help you make the changes you want to make.

Even if you've tried and failed before, you can be successful with this therapy.

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Trish Dewberry

B Education, Dip Hypnotherapy, Counselling Cert, Graduate Cert Career Development & Education
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Member of the
Australian Hypnotherapists Association
Professional, Caring and Experienced
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Why choose
Change in Mind?
Effective Psychotherapy
Make the decision to improve your health and wellbeing by allowing me to help you to get rid of the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours that worry you. So much mental energy is wasted when we are weighed down with stress, grief, anxiety and depression. Yo-yoing from diet to diet is soul destroying.  But, change doesn't have to be hard.
I am a warm and caring psychotherapist, trained in multiple therapies and with many years of counselling experience. I am an accredited practitoner of the Richards Trauma Process and can quickly and safely help you resolve past trauma and anxiety. 
I am an experienced and skilled hypnotherapist and apply these methods to rid clients of many unwanted behaviours and conditions.
I also use elements of Narrative Counselling, Solution Focused Therapy and CBT and I can help you feel stronger and more empowered surprisingly quickly.  
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